Kalia Yojana New list Now Available How To Check Kalia Yojana1st ,2nd and 3rd List Full Process

Hello friends, all of you must know about the Kalia Yojana, if you do not know about the Kalia Yojana then we tell you before that do you know that th

Hello friends, all of you must know about the Kalia Yojana, if you do not know about the Kalia Yojana then we tell you before that do you know that the Kalia yojana new list has come, we will tell you here that you  Before we can see all the list of Kalia scheme, before that we tell a little about Kalia scheme. Here you will be given complete information about the Kalia scheme and how you can see your name, everything will be told, so stay here.

Kalia.co.in Kalia Yojana New list Now Available How To Check Kalia Yojana 1st ,2nd & 3rd List  Full Process

What Is Kalia Yojana?

First of all, you have to know what is the Kalia scheme. Kalia is a scheme where all the farmers of Orissa are given free money. The farmers in the Kalia scheme use the money and do their farming work. Kalia Yojana was started by the Odisha government in 2018 which is still running, apart from the scheme of Orissa, it has been given by the Orissa government for the Kalia scholarship. 

Who is eligible for the Kalia Yojana

Kalia Yojana is a Gram Panchayat level scheme, here all the farmers living on the village panchayat are given the facility of Kalia Yojana, in this facility every farmer is provided with some assistance, with the help of which anger can do the work of farming.

Kalia Yojana  beneficiary divided into 3 types

  • Small farmers
  • Marginal farmers
  • Landless agricultural labourers

Small farmers

who has less than 2 hectares of agriculture land, falls under the category of Small Farmer. Such assistance is provided annually to  ₹10000 which is available in two-phase in Kalia Yojana, 5000 credit in 1st phase and ₹5000 is given in their bank account in 2nd Phase.

Marginal farmers

You have more than 2 hectares of land, it falls under this category, this kind of farmers are getting ₹25000 annually which is given in three Phase,

Landless agricultural labourers

People come under the labour category,
they are called landless agricultural labourers they get ₹12000 a year because they do not have land, they are called landless farmers, in addition to this, they are given all kinds of facilities.

How To Apply For Kalia Yojana

If you want to come and apply for Kalia Yojana, you can take the form given below, after taking this form, you will have to take a print out and after completing this form you will have to provide it in the green box in your panchayat.  If you want to take the form from your gram panchayat, you can contact your gram panchayat, by going there you will have to ask for the green form and it will give you the green for  We will give that which you will have to complete and give it in the green box. If you complete the green form of the Kalia scheme and give it to the green box, then according to you, will be selected for the sum. Will be provided

How To Check Kalia Yojana New List

Your name has come up in the Kalia Yojana New List, how can you check that we are going to tell you, I am going to use the above methods for Kalia yojana apply if you have done everything then your name is but  If you have not applied for the Kalia scheme, then according to the above method you can do it, after waiting for a few days, You received an SMS on your registered mobile number in Kalia scheme. So registration has been successful on behalf of Kalia scheme and you are suitable for Kalia scheme, you will get money in your bank account

You can also check your name online in Kalia yojana new list follow below steps
and check your name

How To Check Kalia Yojana New List Online PDF

  1. Go to the Kalia yojana official website Kalia.co.in
  2. Now Click on three lines & click on the beneficiary list
  3. Then You redirect to Kalia yojana name-checking page
  4. First of all, now select your district to translate your block
  5. Now select your gram Panchayat and click on the view now you will see three types of files
  6. Click the PDF icon below to see your  name on Kalia yojana new list

After that your name will come in front of you if your name will come, then congratulations you will get your money in your bank account. If you liked our post, then share it with your friends as well.

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