At Sambalpur railway station, the sick old man got off the train

At Sambalpur railway station, the sick old man got off the train

The Korona terror halted the Howrah-Jagdalpur Samaleswari Express (18007) today at Sambalpur railway station for half an hour.  An old man coughed in the train's general buggy and fell into a ditch.  The other passengers present there were terrified of him as a Karona suspect.  When the Samaleswari Express reached Sambalpur at 9.50 am, there was a rush to get the old man out of the buggy.  Upon hearing the news, RPF police arrived at the scene and took the old man off the train after examining the situation. 

The old man fainted as he fell ill.  The train stopped for about half an hour and left the train at 8.30am after the old man was removed from the train.  The station master, however, was forced to call 108 ambulances as the railway department ambulance took another patient to Burla.  The ambulance was delayed by an hour, and by then the old man was lying on the floor of the station.  At around 10.40am, the old man was rushed to the district hospital by 108 ambulances for treatment in the presence of railway authorities.  The old man could not be identified at the time of writing, as he did not have a mobile phone or any documents.

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