Human Sagar Jhia Nuhe tu Corona Virus Song controversy

Human Sagar Jhia Nuhe tu Corona Virus Song controversy

Human Sagar cleanup after controversial singing of the corona virus. He released a video. "Let everyone try to deal with the Karona disaster without falling behind," he said. "Everyone should be vigilant and vigilant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus." I have a lot of respect for the female race.

You were not a girl, you were singing the Karona virus, you were falling into the sea of ​​humanity.  There has been a backlash in virus quarters over such a song as people were being filtered when they heard Karona’s name.  While the word "corona" was taken seriously by the rest of the world, they raised questions about how the vocalist used it for entertainment.  In addition, it was alleged by the State Women’s Organization for Development, Women’s Protection Forum, Yors of Hope Foundation, Kalinga Awakening Forum that she had insulted the entire female race by comparing her to an epidemic.  Many musicians protested, saying such songs should not have been sung.

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