Kalahandi Farmar Cry Due to Distrroy There mung daal farm

Due to the recent monsoon rains in different parts of the Koksara block of Kalahandi district, the national crop of pulses has been severely damaged.  Farmers complained that the mung bean crop was completely destroyed after the rains.  The Department of Agriculture, on the other hand, has promised to assess the damage.

Farmers' crops are soaked in the rain.  Bean cultivation has been wiped out in the Koksara block.  In some places, unproductive beans have been soaked, and in others, they have been destroyed by rain.  According to the Department of Agriculture, 1,400 hectares of land in the Koksara block have been cultivated this year.  In the Dalguma panchayat of the block, 50 hectares of land in Kaudola panchayat, 50 hectares in Kandabutura and Fufgaon panchayats were provided with seeds for national cultivation.  However, it is now time for the farmers to destroy the Adynia rains during the mung bean harvest.

As the Koksara block is a non-irrigated area, some farmers in some panchayats use it.  However, Nasser said the condition of the farmers was due to rain during the rice harvest.  Farmers are at the doorstep of administrative officials after the crop was destroyed in the rains.  "The condition of the affected farmland will be investigated," said Ghanshyam Dehuri, a block agriculture officer.

This year, the Koksara block has a lot of problems.  Farmers have been wandering around Bardwara for the sale of kharif paddy, while the Adynia rains are now set to snatch the Rabi crop.

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