Puri The Car festival Work Start

Chariot wood has been adapted for the procession on the occasion of the holy Ramnabami. The woodworking of the OFDC sawmill in Cuttack skull has been adapted. When the temple administration arrived, the temple was torn down and worshiped. Three woods were worshiped and torn for three chariots.

Chariot wood is suitable for rath yatra every year on Ramnabami. The torn wood is later used to build chariots. The construction of the chariot begins in the holy Akha III, and according to the chariot code, a total of 45 pieces of wood are required for the three chariots. With 183 timbers, this time it will require 72 pieces of timber. Of these, 24 will go to the skull saw mill. The rest of the chariots will be used directly to make the chariots.

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