[PDF] MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts A to Z With PDF File

If you want to work faster on ms words you need to know about ms word all shortcuts keys or ms word all keyboard shortcuts, it makes your working skill faster and easy. we provided you with some most used ms office keyboard shortcuts take a look below. all ms office user must have learned about these most useful ms word shortcuts keys.

After knowing about all ms word shortcuts key a to z you realise your typing and working speed improving day by day, after start using some shortcuts keys its make your task easy to complete, if you want to work quickly and faster you have more workload must try all this ms words shortcuts keys.

MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts A to Z With PDF File

Using those shortcuts keys, you can easily bold any test, italic any text also, you can find and replace one text with another text, Ealing or change font add hyperlink no word file and lots more.

Shortcut Key Work
CTRL + A Select text
CTRL + B Bold text
CTRL + C Copy text
CTRL + D Open font formatting window
CTRL + E Center text
CTRL + F Find a phrase
CTRL + G Go To a specific page
CTRL + H Replace text or replace formatting
CTRL + I Italicize text
CTRL + J Justify text
CTRL + K Open Insert Hyperlink window
CTRL + L Left align text
CTRL + M Indent a paragraph from the left
CTRL + N Open new Word document
CTRL + O Open an existing Word document
CTRL + P Print Word document
CTRL + Q Remove paragraph formatting
CTRL + R Right align text
CTRL + S Save Word document
CTRL + T Create a hanging indent
CTRL + U Underline text
CTRL + V Paste text
CTRL + W Close Word document
CTRL + X Cut text
CTRL + Y Redo
CTRL + Z Undo

Apart from those shortcuts key in ms word lots of shortcuts available this is only a to z ms word shortcuts. we also provide some educational content on this website check it out and share this post with your friends and family thank you.  

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