BSE Odisha Internal Marking Method Matric Results 2021

Bse Odisha Decide to give an internal mark for all 10th class students, BSE Odisha Internal Marking Method revealed by the board of secondary education Odisha. in session 2021  all matric exam cancelled by the board gives mark based on students practices test and 9th class mark.

Also, students can get 20 marks from school it's called an internal mark, how to BSE internal mark decide? board release marking method we provided the marking method below. read the full post carefully and you can download the pdf file of the BSE Odisha Internal Marking Method.


1. The internal assessment marks out of a maximum mark of 20 shall be awarded to all students who have been assessed throughout the academic session. 

2. The assessment will be done under the following heads:-

(a) Periodic Assessment: The periodic assessment will be done under the following two subheads carrying 5 marks each.

[i] Pen & Paper Test: Average of all unit tests conducted in the school in different subjects converted to out of 5 marks

[ii] Multiple Assessment: Marks under multiple assessments shall be awarded out of a maximum of 5 marks. The activities under the subhead include quizzes, oral tests, concept maps, exit card, visual experiments etc.

(b) PortFolio: The assessment under this head will be done out of 5marks which includes classwork, peer assessment, selfassessment, reflections, narrations, journals, achievement of students in the subject etc.

(c) Subject Enrichment Activity: The assessment under this head will be done out of 5 marks which includes speaking & listening skills, practical lab work, maths lab practical, map work, project work etc. 


1. The Co-Scholastic Activities of the students shall be assessed in four parts on a five-point grading scale once in a session. The assessment shall be done in the following four parts.

(A) Live Skills

The live skills consist of

[i] Thinking Skills
  •  Self-awareness
  •  Problem-solving
  •  Decision making
  •  Critical thinking
  •  Creative thinking
[ii] Social Skills
  •  Interpersonal relationships
  •  Effective communication
  •  Empathy
[iii] Emotional Skills
  •  Managing emotions
  • Coping with stress

(B) Work Education :
(C) Visual & Performing Arts :
(D) Attitudes & Values : 
  • Attitude towards teachers
  • Attitude towards schoolmates
  • Attitude towards school programme
  • Attitude towards environment

2. Five Point Grading Scale :

Grades Description Mark Range
A Outstanding 90 - 100
B Excellent 75 - 89
C Very Good 56 – 74
D Good 35 – 55
E Scope for improvement Below 35

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