Janasunani Portal Odisha Complaint To Odisha Govt Using Whats app

new Odisha government portal called JanaSunani. This web portal helps you to complain to the Odisha government or get Odisha RTI data using your phone
Today, I'm going to tell you about a new Odisha government portal called JanaSunani. This web portal helps you to complain to the Odisha government or get Odisha RTI data using your smartphone whats app which allows you to file issues and complaints about Your panchayat block issue to the Odisha govt. If your Biju Pucca Ghar, Pradhan Mantri was yojana, or ration card has not arrived, you can sue for it through JanaSunani and Portal and take benefit of it. 

Janasunani Portal Odisha

With the assistance of Janam Sunani's website. You can make a complaint about every Odisha government scheme or education-related works, and you can check the status of your grievance within 15 to 30 days. This is a very good feature for those who have any knowledge regarding the online portal. If not, today I will tell you everything you need to know about it; please read this post until the end.

How To Use Janasunani in WhatsApp 

Whether you do not have a decent Android phone or a strong understanding of the web portal, you can also provide a guarantee by communicating in WhatsApp directly, which will only benefit you, so let's see if you are using WhatsApp. How can you give a grievance in a public hearing or anything else now if you use it? You must click on Click Here to file an indictment in a public hearing via WhatsApp. 

jansunwai portal

This strategy will benefit all sectors of the state's population. People can quickly file their complaints online while sitting at home thanks to the portal facility. Many times, the government department fails to address the problems of the general public, leading to a sense of hopelessness among the population. With this in mind, the state government has launched the Odisha Jansunwai Yojana.

The complaints that citizens of the state have submitted through the portal will be addressed as soon as possible. This system was created with the general public in mind so that they can seek justice while sitting at home by filing their grievances and ideas through Jansunwai Yojana. This allows people to communicate directly with the Chief Minister. Higher officials will take urgent action as a result of this. Individuals can also check the status of their complaints online through the portal facility. This facility will aid in the punishment of criminals and the administration of justice to the general public.

After that, you'll be taken to the public hearing's official website, where you'll notice a WhatsApp icon, which you should click. You will be routed to WhatsApp after clicking the WhatsApp icon, where you will be requested to send Hii. You can begin your discussion by sending Hii there.

How to file Grievance Via Whatsapp In JanaSunani Odisha Portal

To use janasunani portal via whats app follow below steps 
  • First Click here 
  • Send Hii
  • Select Language By Pressing 1 Or 2
  • Then Select Options
  • Choose Your Gender
  • Choose Your District
  • Choose Your Block
  • Put Your Address or Select No
  • Type your summary of Grievance
  • Attached are Your Related Documents Or Type No
  • Select Office
  • Select Office Address
You have now successfully registered your grievance on Odisha's janasunani Portal. Please keep a record of your registration reference number.

So, with Orissa Government's new web Jansunwai or Jan Sunani Wah Portal, you can file your grievance or abhijog while sitting at home using WhatsApp's feature.

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